"Every rape is a grave violation of physical and mental integrity. Every rape has the potential to profoundly debilitate, to render the woman homeless in her own body and destroy her sense of security in the world. Every rape is an expression of male domination and misogyny, a vehicle of terrorizing and subordinating women. Like torture, rape takes many forms, occurs in many contexts, and has different repercussions for different victims. Every rape is multidimensional, but not incomparable."

Rhonda Copelon, “Surfacing Gender: Reconceptualizing Crimes Against Women in Time of War”. (x)

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What Cities Would Look Like Without Any Lights

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we live in the era of smart phones and stupid people

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I like how pro-lifers act as if it's some huge act of hypocrisy to call a fetus a fetus when it's unwanted but a baby when it is. I mean, the rats in a cage in my room here are pets. Rats peeing and pooping in my walls are pests. Someone I invite into my home is a guest. Someone who comes in uninvited is an invader. A flower I planted is a flower. One that grew there that I don't want is a weed. Same organisms, different ways of looking at them, different words. Not that outrageous.


All of this yes all of it. - Leigh